Messages of Love

I was tagged in a friend’s #20BeautifulWomen post yesterday so I did my own post and tagged 20 more women (actually 40, because I tagged 20 on Instagram and 20 different ones on Facebook). The outpouring of love and sweet comments were more than I could have predicted. I felt so loved and special while I was reading all the comments from my friends (even some friends who I have lost contact with).
All in all, it was a very nice confidence boost and it made me happy to see how many people cared about me.

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My sister and her boyfriend got a fish tank yesterday and it’s been so much fun helping them set it up. They have some cool decorations and some really cool fish! I have no idea what the names are but…they look awesome. I know that two of them are Betta fish and two are guppies but that’s it. One of the guppies looks like it has a fire design on its tail. They even have a little frog!

I love watching the fish. It’s so calming.

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30 posts instead of 30 days

My goal was to write 30 posts in 30 days but that hasn’t happened for a variety of reasons so it has turned into 30 posts instead. So I guess I failed my challenge but I am still writing so I haven’t failed completely!
I’m not a super busy person, but there were definitely some days that time got away from me. I would want to write something before I went to bed but then I went somewhere and that didn’t happen or I just plain did not want to write about anything some days.
I’m not sure how long it’s been since my last post but I knew I needed to break the dry spell so here we are.
I was beating myself up a little bit over not sticking to the 30 posts in 30 days thing but I think when I first made that goal I didn’t take into account my life and personality. I should have known that sometimes I would just be lazy and not want to write anything haha.

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I’m making quiche! I’m so excited right now. My mom always makes a quiche when I come home and it is probably my favorite breakfast food.
I’ve had a plan to make one for a long time and I’m finally doing it! (I feel like I have been using that phrase a lot in these posts, but I guess that makes sense because I have been doing a lot of things lately.)

Lots of yummy bacon, onion and spinach covered in egg and cheese.

It’s in the oven right now and I hope it comes out well. Yay for cooking!

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I’m here for the food

I like football. I don’t love it but I enjoy watching my team and can get into it.
The Super Bowl was today (or as I like to call it The Superb Owl) and even though my team lost I had fun watching it.

My dad made clam chowder and wings plus other people brought chips and assorted finger foods. I love events like this because there is always good food. No matter what happens on the TV, the food will never let me down.

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