Europe in the Summer!

A part of 2015 that I am SUPERĀ excited for is a trip to Europe in July/August. I love Europe and cannot wait to be traveling there again. Especially because this time, I will be going to places I have not been before; which means…I’m finally going to Italy! I’ll be in Austria for about a week, then joining up with a group that will then travel to Vienna, Maribor, Bled, then ending in Venice to round out the 3 week extravaganza. I think we are spending 4 or 5 days in Venice at the end, and I could not be more excited! Pizza and pasta and wine, oh my!

To prep for this trip, I know it’s a long way off but I’m too excited, I downloaded the app Duolingo and will be brushing up on my German, plus trying to learn some basic Italian. My goal for this trip is to not look like a tourist as much as possible. Obviously I will fail at some points, like when looking at all the beautiful architecture. I will definitely be the gawking American, trying to take in all the beauty with my camera.

I know I’ll be posting a packing list before I go, even though I have no idea if I’ll be blogging anything while I’m actually over there. I will probably just write in a journal during the trip, then post about it when I get back. There will definitely be outfit posts for the trip! I’m really excited about that aspect of traveling to Europe; the style and the shopping!

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