The best gold dress

The best gold dress



Stripes + leopard
      So this is one of the outfits I created on Polyvore last night. First of all, I love this site! The only thing that would make it better would be if the user was able to dress up models with the clothes as well. That would make all my dreams come true!
      I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. When I was little I had barbies and American Girl dolls that I would constantly be buying new clothes for. I was never the kind of girl who created different scenarios for her dolls to act out though, I just dressed them up in their pretty clothes. Now that I have moved on from dolls, I like to dress myself in pretty clothes as much as possible. I have considered creating one of those OOTD blogs but I do not think my handle on fashion is quite up to par for a commitment like that.
      I am not sure how many people know about my love of fashion. It is not something I talk about a lot and it has kind of been my secret hobby/passion for a long time. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer! But that dream was cut short when I discovered I couldn’t draw. I think now I would rather dress someone up in premade clothes, than create my own. So being a personal stylist for someone would actually be pretty fun.
      My style is fairly simple and classic. I don’t buy super trendy pieces, and I don’t really understand the big designers and their avant-garde creations. I like everyday looks that can be worn by real people; like me! I do love sequins and sparkles though. That is something I have not kept to myself; everybody knows.
      Fashion is an awesome form of expression and I hope I can continue to explore my style throughout 2015!
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