The Beginning

Starting a blog seems like a cliché thing for a twentiesomething to do after she graduates from college but it is something I have always wanted to experiment with. I have dabbled in writing since I was young(er?) what am I saying? I am still young. But anyway, part of me has always wanted to be a writer and this seems like a good start to that little dream of mine.

Right now I am in the hazy area between graduating and being an actual adult. Even though I am 22, and I have friends who are going on great adventures and have plans for their lives, I am neither. I want to go on an adventure but I suffer from scaredofchangeitis (a very technical and medical condition) which makes it very hard to leave my home and family. I am contemplating a big change in my life right now and it is the biggest (and scariest) thing I have ever considered doing.

*Deep breath* here goes….I might be moving to England for a year to complete my post-grad degree, while playing volleyball for the same university. Even though I have traveled to England several times because my mom is British, this would be very different from a 14-day vacation. I would be leaving my home, family, and friends, for the first time in my life; for a whole different country (and continent), halfway across the world. Why couldn’t I just have started with leaving the state for college? It feels like I am trying to go from 0-100 in 5 seconds with no preparation.

I suppose the purpose of this blog is to help me discover what makes me sparkle; what makes me smile and feel the best about my life. My dad always told me to do what I love and this is the time of my life that I want to put some more effort into searching for that.