Even if it’s not perfect…

 (not my image)

My 2016 quote.

I have basically taken the last year off after I finished my classes at university. No job, no classes, just kind of hanging out. I did this partly because I was terrified of getting a job and partly because I couldn’t let go of the hassle free life I had. But now it is time to bite the bullet and grow up.

My dream job is to read books for a living so I am beginning to figure out ways to make that my life. I know the start of this career path will probably be very unglamorous but hopefully one day I end up where I want to be.

One of my friends recently said he would be sending me some editing work for personal training business, and I’m actually really excited to be getting some official experience when it comes to proofreading/editing documents.

Here’s to being an adult! Or at least faking it!